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        2017 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Roda New Materials Co., Ltd. Successfully Closed


        2017 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Roda New Materials Co., Ltd. Successfully Closed

        The winter is coming to spring, retired and welcomes the new arrival. At 6:30 p.m. on February 4, 2018, “Nourishes the World, De Wins the Future” - 2017 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Nord New Material Co., Ltd. at Rudysun Hotel Rudong The fourth floor banquet hall was grandly held. Nearly 300 employees gathered at the scene to share a feast. The chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and various department managers of Nord New Material attended the party. The annual meeting was chaired by the management department Gu Xin.


        The annual meeting was opened in a warm opening for the host.


        Chairman Bao Xiaojian made a new year's speech

          The annual meeting kicked off with a warm opening in the moderator's opening ceremony. Chairman Nord New Material made a new year speech. He expressed sincere gratitude to all the staff who worked hard in a year. In the end, he expressed his hope: “I believe that in 2018, all of our colleagues at Nordide Xincai will be able to reap success with their solidarity and positive attitude. In 2018, we will work together, work together, and work together!”

        Annual prizes

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        Staff erhu solo "Horse racing"

        On-site guests sing “Good days”

        Sichuan Opera Face Change

        Guests sang “Chinese Radiance”

        Photograph of winning employees

        Photograph of winning employees


        Photo of senior leaders of the company

        The three-hour annual meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. The annual meeting not only demonstrated the versatility of Nord employees, but also enhanced the feelings among employees. The year 2017 painted a happy ending.